Elternrangliste 2019

Stand: 23.06.2019 - alle nationalen Ausstellungen berücksichtigt

1169Ch. Niedersachsen's Pride Just Remember1119Ch. New York von den frechen Bobby's
2121Ch. Pennylane Attention Please2114Ch. Angel Krümel from Stone's
386Ch. Happy Panda's Drover371Ch. Cosma Shiva vom Goitzschesee
481Ch. Pole-Position's Quax467Ch. Anastacia vom Goitzschesee
576Ch. Shaggy Blue Bob's Rebel Yell561Ch. Kiss from a rose from Beautiful Highland
671Ch. Angel Kenobi from Stone's657Ch. Royal Grey's Dream under Rainbows
671Ch. Happy Panda's Bossanova755Ch. Astrid von den Bayern Bobby's
767Ch. Shaggy Blue Bob's Here is George854Wicked Wisdom’s Let Us Cuddle You
865Shaggy Blue Bob's Under Taker948Nelly von der Müggelspree
957Ch. Blueshire`s I am Canadian with Brinkley 1046Ch. Mopatshow's Calypso at Shaggy Blue Bob's
1052Ch. Aryakas Midas1134Ch. Argovian Moonlight 'N Roses
1134Ch. Argovian A Step back the Roots1134Ch. Happy Panda's Attenzione-Attenzione
1134Ch. Norman Harrison aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal1230Ch. Pepperhouse Ida
1232Ch. Silvery Bear Göd Wide Boy1230Just Friends Nalani
1331Ch. Pole-Position's Rocky1327Ch. Histoire D'Amour of Reality Dream
1428Ch. Eldorado aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal1425Ch. Aryakas Pandora
1525Ch. Wynsilot Wilson for Mat'N Nik1425Ch. Kiva la Diva von den frechen Bobby's
1525Ela Zoran from Rocky's Desteney1425Emotion of Love of Reality Dream
1624Ch. Zottel's Xceedingly Nice for Hazyland1425My Lady die Nobilpazzi
1720Ch. Nochmal aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal1524Ch. Bushwagger's Five of Nine
1819Ch. Air Zeppeline Diagoras from Aryakas1620Ch. Argovian Hugs'N Kisses
1918Ch. Macoes Bacardi of Snowboot Bears1620Ch. Jadore aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal
1918Ch. One Oneiro Dei Nobilpazzi1620Zottel's Quintessence
2017Ch. Blue Point from home of crazy fire1719Ch. Incredible Gift of Reality Dream
2115Ch. Enchant Dusty Dot Com1818Ch. Koko Chanel aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal
2115Macoes Aspen1818Chelsea von der Hummelelfe
2214Ch. Argovian Livin' on Love1917Ch. Danish Delight Rigmor Regina
2214Ch. Hot'n Spicy aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal1917Ch. Klara aus dem Rotmaintal
2313Ch. Kerjalee Takes the Lead2016Ch. Snowboots Milk 'N Honey
2313Ch. Youandi Grand Cru2115Ch. Enchant According to Queeny
2412Ch. Rollingview Shaggy Blue Zorbas2115Nice Surprise aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal
2412Ch. Shaggy Blue Bob’s Eros Ramazottel2214Just Friends Penny Lane
2510Ch. Checkpoint Charlie's Arthur At All2313Ch. Kö-Pi's 599 Tara-Banda Dora
269Ch. Woody Woodstock von den Blue Zottel´s2313Ch. Malibu Kiss from Tequila's Oase
278Ch. Angel Quadro Uno from Stone's2313Ch. Youandi Meringue
278Ch. Playboy von den Auenwiesen2313Mezzoemezzo 50 Shades Anastasia Steel
278Kö-Pi's 599 Blue Pommery2313Poet's Garden Groovy Kind of Love
287Ch. Aryakas Hercules2412Ch. Shaggy Blue Bob's Kir Royal
287Ch. Koboy of Snowboot Bears2511Brinkley Sheze Adorable
296Ch. Enchant You Can't Stop Me2610Brinkley Moonlight ‘n Roses
304Ch. Bagatelle's Mr. Plum Moon Player2610Ch. Melleonär's Beloved of Sweet Expression's
313Ch. Aryakas Megaklis2610Ch. Ninepin's By Heart
313Kö-Pi's 599 Ana's Quietus 20112610Enchant Amidala Prada
322Bovaron Heartbraker279Ch. Nala from Tequila's Oase
322Ch. Bagatelle Moonlit River279Racy Rascal's Dorothy
322Ch. Venivici Othello279Shaggy Blue Bob's Leia Organa
288Ch. Snowboots Jabberwalky
288Kessy von Laubenzedel
288Velvet Feet New Star Nubia
297Ch. Shaggy Blue Bob’s Chart Breaker
297Stairway To Heaven Gives All You Need
306Ch. Checkpoint Charlie's Whoopie Weather Girl
306Frosty vom Weidenhof
306O'lala Modry Kanon
315Babette von den Bayern Bobby's
324Ch. Argovian Kissproof Puppet
324Ch. Dream of Paradise Follow the Dream
324Ch. Reata's Q.I.G.I.
324Ch. Sweet Expression's Q-tie Pie
333Ch. Danish Delight Que Sera Sera
333Ch. Shaggy Blue Bob's Never Let Me Down Again
333Kö-Pi's 599 Blue Frl. Korn
342Ch. Bizzeeboots Last Dance
342Venivici Number One
342Xandra vom Leutraquell
351Ch. Adorable Phyllis to our Hearts of the Klit-Ly's