Winner Bitch 2018

Stand: 12.05.2018 - alle nationalen Ausstellungen berücksichtigt.

RankPointsNameShow counterPointsNamePointsName
134Danish Delight Yasmina334Ch. One Oneiro Dei Nobilpazzi34Ch. Danish Delight Rigmor Regina
134Shaggy Blue Bob's Sweet Dream of Grace Kelly434Ch. Rollingview Shaggy Blue Zorbas34Ch. Shaggy Blue Bob's Never Let Me Down Again
230Angel Scully from Stone's430Ch. Niedersachsen's Pride Just Remember30Ch. Angel Krümel from Stone's
323Shaggy Blue Bob's Umberta at Blue Zottel's223Ch. Shaggy Blue Bob's Rebel Yell23Ch. Shaggy Blue Bob's Never Let Me Down Again
419Air Zeppeline Daphnee219Ch. Shaggybark American Lover of Aryakas19Aryakas Fotini
419Gipsy Girl vom Rangsdorfer See419Ch. Pennylane Attention Please19Ch. Pepperhouse Ida
419Go Go Girl vom Rangsdorfer See419Ch. Pennylane Attention Please19Ch. Pepperhouse Ida
518Frieda vom Goitzschesee318Ch. Angel Kenobi from Stone's18Ch. Cosma Shiva vom Goitzschesee
617Angel Sammy Jo from Stone's317Ch. Niedersachsen's Pride Just Remember17Ch. Angel Krümel from Stone's
716Angel Quantobella from Stone's116Ch. Hot'n Spicy aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal16Ch. Angel Krümel from Stone's
716Adele for Treasure-Island's to our Hearts316Ch. One Oneiro Dei Nobilpazzi16Ch. Adorable Phyllis to our Hearts of the Klit-Ly's
813Blue Moon over Argovian by Micky's Land113Ch. Zottel's Xceedingly Nice for Hazyland13Ch. Argovian Kissproof Puppet
912Brinkley Moonlight ‘n Roses212Ch. Blueshire`s I am Canadian with Brinkley 12Brinkley Sheze Adorable
912Gwendolina a Child of Gwenhwyfar212Ch. Shaggy Blue Bob's Rebel Yell12Enya a Child of Gwenhwyfar
912Anhalt's Liebling Brenda Lee412Ch. Silvery Bear Göd Wide Boy12Mezzoemezzo 50 Shades Anastasia Steel
1011Air Zeppeline Glikia Gioconda211Ch. Shaggybark American Lover of Aryakas11Aryakas Selene
1011Melleonär's Chique de LaLa211Ch. Argovian Livin' on Love11Ch. Sweet Expression's Q-tie Pie
1110Agatha from Old Cottage Garden110Ch. Woody Woodstock von den Blue Zottel´s10Ch. Rihanna von den Auenwiesen
1110Happy Freule from Rocky's Desterney110Ela Zoran from Rocky's Desterney10My Lady die Nobilpazzi
1110Quality Time of Snowboot Bears210Ch. Macoes Bacardi of Snowboot Bears10Ch. Koko Chanel aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal
129Checkpoint Charlie's Cuddles with Claire29Ch. Sweet Expression's Meet & Greet9Enchant Amidala Prada
129Poet's Garden I'm So Beautiful29Ch. Kerjalee Takes the Lead9Poet's Garden Groovy Kind of Love
129Apple's Angel Erin Brockovic39Ch. Enchant Another Cosmopolitan9Ch. Apple's Angel Pancake Coffee
129Shaggy Blue Bob's Viper39Ch. Shaggy Blue Bob's Pretty Snowball9Shaggy Blue Bob's True Love
138Youandi Millésime18Ch. Youandi Grand Cru8Ch. Youandi Meringue
147Valentine aus dem Rotmaintal27Ch. Silvery Bear Göd Wide Boy7Ch. Klara aus dem Rotmaintal
156Bright 'N Beautiful Argovian of the Klit-Ly's16Ch. Argovian Livin' on Love6Ch. Argovian Jump 'N Jive at Klit-Ly's
156Dream of Paradise Highland Rose16Ch. Blue Point from home of crazy fire6Ch. Dream of Paradise Follow the Dream
156Orelie from Tequila's Oase16Ch. Sweet Expression's Meet & Greet6Ch. Malibu Kiss from Tequila's Oase
156Pennylane April April16Ch. Pole-Position's Quax6Ch. Zottel's Xtravagance
156Pennylane Eyes Only For You16Ch. Zottel's Devil Wears Prada6Ch. Zottel's Xtravagance
165All eyes on Hilda to our Hearts15Ch. One Oneiro Dei Nobilpazzi5Ch. Adorable Phyllis to our Hearts of the Klit-Ly's
165Betty von Abratis15Ch. Pennylane Attention Please5Chelsea von der Hummelelfe
165Happy Panda's Bucaneve15Zottel’s Just As U Like It5Ch. Kö-Pi's 599 Tara-Banda Dora
165Pipa Middelton aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal15Ch. Norman Harrison aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal5Ch. Aryakas Niki Elbeurstromtal
174Dream of Paradise Hope N' Dream14Ch. Blue Point from home of crazy fire4Ch. Dream of Paradise Follow the Dream
174Shaggy Blue Bob's Sweet Snowflake14Ch. Rollingview Shaggy Blue Zorbas4Ch. Shaggy Blue Bob's Never Let Me Down Again
183Rendez-vous avec Tequila's Oase13Ch. Woody Woodstock von den Blue Zottel´s3Ch. Nala from Tequila's Oase
192Shaggy Blue Bob's Viktoria22Ch. Shaggy Blue Bob's Pretty Snowball2Shaggy Blue Bob's True Love
201Cani da Pastore e Bovari11Lambluv’s American Graffiti1Etichette Nera Ocean Tribe for Millemiglia
201Mille Miglia Gli Occhi Tuoi Belli Brillano11Lambluv’s American Graffiti1Splendente Trilly di Zuccherino
201Shaggy Blue Bob's Queen Elizabeth11Ch. Aryakas Hercules1Ch. Shaggy Blue Bob’s Chart Breaker
201Sweet Expression's Q-tie Pie11Ch. Brinkley Barnaby1Ch. Sweet Expression's Circus Circus